Exceptional Performance And Versatile Design

Go directly from freezer to oven to table, its modern designs add a touch of everyday elegance.


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About CorningWare

For more than half a century, CorningWare® bakeware has married exceptional performance and versatile design with an eye toward the modern. In fact, the original glass-ceramic material, Pyroceram®, was a marvel of engineering, designed in the 1950s during the space race to safely absorb huge temperature fluctuations in rocket nose cones.

Once introduced for home use in 1958 to busy yet innovative cooks, it was able to go directly from freezer to oven to table, where its modern designs added a touch of everyday elegance.

Given the versatility to pull triple-duty in the kitchen, CorningWare brand engineers designed each piece with tight-fitting lids for storage, the requisite shapes, sizes and durability to serve as bakeware, and fashionable designs that were at home on any table, in any kitchen.

Popular CorningWare Products

CorningWare® Etch™
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Corningware® Colours™ Pop-Ins® 4 for $24
  • 20 Ounce Mug w/ Lid, Carrot
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Corningware® French White®
Corningware® Stovetop™ Pyroceram®
  • 4-Pc Casserole Set, Blue Cornflower
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Two Words: One Dish

Let’s face it—cleanup, and the sheer volume of it, is often the worst part of cooking. At the best of times, it’s inconvenient; at the worst of times, it can start an all-out family feud. Why not skip the hassle?

CorningWare… is One of the Many Brands in the World Kitchen Family